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Święto Japońskich Sił Samoobrony

Andrzej Lek

Andrzej Lek z uroczystości Święta Sił Zbrojnych Japonii. Na uroczystość do ambasady Japonii w Warszawie  przybyli :szef Biura Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego gen. Stanisław Koziej, attache obrony i ambasadorzy akredytowani w Polsce ,przedstawiciele Wojska Polskiego.

Poniżej prezentujemy tekst przemówienia Ambasadora Japonii w Polsce J.E. Makoto Yamanaki.


Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Very good evening and welcome to the Japan Self-Defense Forces Anniversary Reception.

Since the inception in 1954, the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) have served the nation to defend the homeland, its people and territory.

When the great earthquake and tsunami caused the unprecedented damage to Japan last year, the JSDF immediately undertook large-scale search and rescue operations. Almost half of the total JSDF manpower, 100 thousand personnel, was mobilized in the dreadful aftermath of the disaster. Indeed, they did a great job in a very effective manner. The JSDF also carried out joint operations with the US forces and the other defense partners.

In recent years, responding to the changing security environment, the Japan Self-Defense Forces have actively engaged in new important missions, i.e. international cooperation such as peacekeeping operations, counter-terrorism and piracy, and international disaster relief.

Since 1992, the Japanese Government has dispatched 32 JSDF missions overseas in such places as Cambodia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Iraq and the Indian Ocean. The JSDF are currently deployed in five overseas missions: the Golan Heights, Haiti, East Timor, and the most recently South Sudan, as well as the anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.  Such missions have helped the JSDF win the international reputation for their capability and reliability.  The JSDF on their part have gained good experiences and learned valuable lessons.

In the Asia-Pacific region, we are witnessing not only the dynamic economic development but also the changing security and political environment. Such an environment poses a serious threat to the region and the world. And therefore it requires constant vigilance. Japan’s defense posture and its Self Defense Forces need to keep abreast to the changes and challenges in the region and to be prepared to cope with them.

In this connection, Japan highly appreciates the growing interest and involvement of Poland and European countries in the Asia-Pacific region. We are pleased that Japan and European countries are becoming important partners to tackle global and regional challenges. We have already worked together in multinational operations in Iraq and the Indian Ocean. We are also working together to take measures against acts of piracy. Afghanistan is yet another example of our close cooperation. In the wake of the successful NATO summit in Chicago, Japan will host the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan next month to secure robust assistance by the international community beyond 2014.

It is in this wider context that Japan would like to further expand its cooperation with Poland in the security and defense area. It would add yet another facet to our excellent relationship in political, economic and cultural fields. I believe that the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Poland Armed Forces could learn more each other and benefit more from their enhanced dialogue and cooperation.

In closing, I would like to thank you all once again for joining us today in the Japan Self-Defense Forces anniversary. Please enjoy the rest of the evening.

Thank you!

J.E ambasador Japonii w Polsce Makoto Yamanaka z małżonką , attache Obrony Japonii w Polsce płk. Toshiaki Mori z małżonką podczas uroczystości z okazji Święta Sił Samoobrony Japonii.
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

Gen. Stanisław Koziej składa gratulacje z okazji Święta Sił Samoobrony Japonii ambasadorowi Japonii w Polsce
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

Attache Obrony Niemiec w Polsce płk.Klaus -Peter Kiser składa gratulacje attache obrony Japonii
z okazji Święta Sił Sił Samoobrony Japonii
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

J.E ambasador Gruzji w Polsce z małżonką oraz J.E ambasador Słowenii w Polsce podczas
uroczystości z okazji  Święta Sił Samoobrony Japonii
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

Attache Obrony Ukrainy płk.W .Kolotov z małżonką, w towarzystwie attache obrony Japonii ze swoją małżonką
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

Attache Obrony Węgier w Polsce Col. Szabolcs Szilagyi podczas rozmowy ze swoim ukraińskim kolegą i przedstawicielem Sił Zbrojnych RP

/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

płk Rafał Nowak szef odziału łącznikowego wojskowych spraw zagranicznych MON,
attache obrony Litwy oraz attache obrony Gruzji
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

Attache Obrony Japonii w Polsce Col. Toshiaki Mori podczas rozmowy z zaproszonymi goścmi.
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

Przewodniczący Rady Wykonawczej  Stowarzyszenia Euro-Atlantyckiego (B. minister obrony) Janusz Onyszkiewicz
wraz z synem Stanisławem składa gratulacje z okazji Święta Sił Samoobrony Japonii
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

Pokój herbaciany w ambasadzie Japonii
/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

/Foto :Andrzej Lek/

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